In a nutshell

I'm a digital product designer from Greece with a fierce passion for human-centered design, human-computer interaction and technology. I try my best to contribute (even a little bit) into connecting the dots between all three of them, thus creating products that positively impact human lives.

My journey in design started sometime in 2013. After I graduated with a major in design, I was involved in several design projects, in the last 5 years, as a freelance designer or as a company member. I've also acquired a professional degree in Agile project management, to further improve in leading and collaborating in fast-paced work environments.

Craft & Culture

⊞ User Experience

Defining the entirety of a system's user experience. Researching, prototyping, testing and iterating with a data driven approach. I carefully design human-centered solutions, based on requirements.

⊟ Design Systems / Interface Design

Constructing systems that maintain a concise visual language for products and allow for fruitful, ordered collaboration of cross-functional teams. Naturally drawn to clear, accessible aesthetics.

⊚ Strategic Product Thinking

While working with startups, I developed the ability to balance between UX design & product management. Design thinking fused with business strategy is imperative in contemporary ecosystems.

⊛ Leading Sprints

Managing and executing design sprints for multidisciplinary teams. I find that transparency, meaningful communication and ownership are instruments for producing valuable outcomes.

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