Arriving to the crypto party, fashionably late.

First time I heard about crypto was sometime at 2015. A friend of mine, introduced me to the concept of the crypto economy by trying to describe how the newly founded project, Ethereum, could shake things up. Needless to say, the attempt was unsuccessful. There was just too much to digest.

From that point on, my exposure to information concerning crypto & blockchain was progressively enlarged. More people talked about it, more posts on blockchain popped up randomly in front of me. And then, at the end of 2017, I witnessed the crypto hype forming and consequently being dismantled, as investors jumped ship, after a few months.

Just after the '17 crypto bubble burst, I remember myself thinking that cryptocurrencies were just a fad. In retrospect, my naive reaction seems totally immature - no matter the true destiny of the crypto economy.

Almost 3 years pass by. In late 2020 it hit me: I basically still have zero knowledge on the field that so many people babble about. So I did what any "self-isolated, living though a society-crippling pandemic" guy would do: I bathed myself with tons of information. Articles, posts, videos, you name it.

Today marks the day I start documenting my personal journey in learning the fundamentals of economics and blockchain tech. I believe that by documenting, I will force myself to be more objective and thorough with my research. All in all, confirmation bias is my biggest rival right now.