Feeding my head with a huge informational load creates a setting, in which I find myself not controlling which info cluster I process. I'm basically in auto-pilot mode. Random thoughts, deriving from words I read a while ago, pop up all the damn time.

Thus, I came in terms with the fact that I cannot organize my thoughts well enough so that the structure and sequence of my daily posts will actually make sense. This doesn't pose as a problem to me, though, as I won't meticulously curate what is written in this blog.

My goal is to create an accountable second brain. A place in which I can store knowledge that I can later revisit and put my initial ideas and preconceptions to the test. Notion doesn't cut it for me. It's just too personal.

Anyways, today I came across Tim Denning's Medium page. Read a couple of his articles. I can't say much about the validity of his content, but I surely dig the way he writes. He uses a direct, jargon-free and rather down-to-earth language.